Learn more about my mht support

For a single subscription fee, you receive 12 months of over the phone support for your home computer by calling mht support. Subscriptions are available for home computer users. If you are unsure, just ask us before you subscribe.

During a subscription you can request a service by:

  • calling the my mht support service number on 661 354; and
  • providing confirmation that you have a valid subscription for the home computer in question.

When you speak to a mht support technician, they will:

  • ask you questions to help determine the nature of the problem;
  • establish a remote connection to your nominated computer to gather more information;
  • provide a resolution and recommendations
  • provide advice to help avoid recurrence of the problem.

Whilst we can solve the majority of problems conveniently over the phone, in some situations an on-site service will be required to resolve the problem. Please check the my mht support Subscription Terms and Conditions.

There are some services which we cannot provide remotely and therefore do not form part of a my mht support Subscription. On-site services are not covered by a my mht support subscription please refer to our service page or simply contact us. Further details about your my mht support Subscription are contained in the Subscription Terms and Conditions, set out here.

Call MHT Support  661 354
Prices cover labour only and are fixed regardless of how long we spend - NO FIX, NO CHARGE!