MHT Computer Fix Services

We will:

  • Diagnose your computer finding the cause of any crashes, lock-ups, unusual slowness or other issues
  • If required, remove viruses or spyware
  • If required, repair or re-install your operating system and applications
  • If required, defragment your hard drive to improve performance
  • Update your Operating system and internet security suite
  • Delete unnecessary programs to speed things up
  • If required, install MHT’s productivity software CD (Adobe Acrobat Reader, Flash, Java etc)
  • If required, install up to 2 items of hardware or software such as Internet Security software and a Printer
  • If required, restore your desktop and quick launch icons

Call MHT Support 1300 661 354
Prices cover labour only and are fixed regardless of how long we spend - NO FIX, NO CHARGE!